Becca Henry Photography - Edythe Boone muralist, artist, activist

A New Color – The Art of Being Edythe Boone playing on PBS now.. “The life and work of self-taught artist Edythe Boone. Filmed over five years, follow the spirited and captivating septuagenarian who became an artist/activist simply because empowering and building community is “the right thing to do.” Ultimately, Boone’s mission is to empower individuals and transform communities through art and activism.” ~ PBS

I saw her at an artist talk at the Oakland Hub. She began her career as an artist in her 40’s and has changed the lives of so many. Edythe painted numerous Mission murals that were the backdrop to my life for almost a decade. I always felt those murals added so much magic, creative energy, and possibility to the city and it’s people. What an inspirational woman. Mo Morris #TheOaklandHub #EdytheBoone