How long have you been shooting weddings?
I’ve been working as a professional photographer for over a decade. I started working for newspapers after I earned my degree in photography (and Spanish). I love all kinds of photography – from editorial spreads to fashion to weddings. The common thread is my love for witnessing and telling people’s unique stories.

Describe your artistic approach?
You are surrounded by all the people you love and that love you. Let the magic unfold. I pop in and out to the rhythm of the celebration documenting unscripted moments.  I may add a little direction for the couples portraits but I mostly like to let the fun lead the way with real smiles and real moments.

Will you travel for our wedding?
Does the pope wear a funny hat? .. YES.

How many hours of coverage will we need?
It depends on the wedding but I love at least eight hours of coverage. That allows time for getting ready, some beautiful location we’ve chosen to do , the ceremony,  most of the reception, and some travel time between the venues.  If possible, I suggest to do group or couple photos before the ceremony so you can go straight to having fun with your guests at the reception. During our pre-wedding consultation, we’ll go over your timeline and create a pace that’s realistic and fun. Check out some APW articles on planning.

I was interested in an engagement session… can you tell me more?
Engagement sessions are a lot fun!  These shoots are very relaxed. We can go for a walk through your favorite part of the city, hang out in  your favorite cafe, or have some other fun adventure! We’ll get a chance to know each other so you can be comfortable on your wedding day.

Will we need a second shooter/photographer?
Not at all.. but I would recommend one for weddings with 150 plus guests. The second photographer is added on for an additional fee.

How many photos do I get?
It depends on the number of hours that are booked and it does vary somewhat.  I usually deliver between 450 and 700 photos for a full day.

How soon will we be able to see our photos?
My turnaround time is 6-8 weeks however whenever possible it’s way quicker then that.

Can I print the photos myself? 
Yes! You can print your hearts out. All of my packages include high resolution digital images. Legally, the copyright stays with me as the photographer… meaning if you want to send some images to your favorite wedding blog, let’s talk!  Of course I’d love that!

So Becca, my partner hates being photographed…
No worries. First of all, they’re gonna be over the moon because they get to marry they’re honey. Second…we’re gonna have so much fun they’re going to forget about the camera. And third… well.. there’s always champagne or whiskey..

Unplugged weddings…what’s that?

An unplugged wedding is where the guests are asked to turn off all their electronic devices (cellphones, cameras, iPads) throughout the ceremony.Imagine I’m photographing “you may now kiss the bride” when suddenly 20 iphones are blocking this gorgeous image ..big bummer.

Portrait of groom and groomsmen for Stinson Beach wedding by Becca Henry Photography

What happens after the wedding?
My work continues long after your wedding. Each image you receive is chosen and edited to my specific style and standards. The first thing I do is backup your images on several hard drives. Then I’ll cull the images down by removing any awkward expressions or closed eyes. After that I organize all the images into chronological order and into separate categories (Getting Ready, Couple, Family/Group, Ceremony, Reception) for ease of viewing. A full gallery of the high resolution images will be posted to an online gallery within 4 weeks after your wedding. The gallery will be available for 2 months and from there you’ll be able to download the high resolution digital negatives (JPGs, not the unprocessed RAW files) with your specific passcode. Your friends and families can easily purchase prints and downloads as well.

What is a “first look,” and should we do it?

A first look is when a couple sees each other before the ceremony.  If many of the formal photos are taken before the ceremony it allows you more time to enjoy the cocktail hour/reception and that’s why most couples are tending towards that these days.

Holding hands with striking green dress, silver polish, and tattoos by Becca Henry
What kind of equipment do you use?
It depends on the shoot. I generally use a Canon 5D mark 3, with a selection of Canon prime and zoom lenses. When more lighting or equipment is needed, I have that too! (And I always bring back up gear just in case).

Do you make albums?
I love making albums for clients. . . taking all the beautiful images from your wedding and turning them into a custom keepsake. I have a variety of options from coffee table art books to a gorgeous leather bound or image wrapped albums.

Do you offer elopement packages?
I definitely do! I understand that you might be working with a tighter budget when planning to elope, and I’d love to discuss it further.

What other “Fine Print” is there?
Hotel lodging (at least three star to ensure safety and security of myself and my equipment) must be provided for travel beyond a two hour drive  of Oakland. Overtime is charged at $250 per half hour. Overtime is any additional time added after contract signing, either before or on the wedding day. California state tax of 9.25% applies to final price with deliverable goods.

Do you have business insurance?
Yep! Some venues require it, so just let me know and I’ll be happy to send proof their way. My insurance is covered by Tom C. Pickard & Co. Inc and has liability coverage for up to $2,000,000.

This sounds awesome! How do we book !

Let’s get this party started! Head over to the contact page, fill out the details, and plan a chat.  After I get all the fun details .. all I need is a signed contract and a retainer ($500 for elopements and $1000 for full weddings) to save the date. The final part of your wedding payment one month before your wedding date. I accept checks, credit cards/Paypal (3% fee), or you can pay through Dubsado. Easy peasy!