Jack London Square Wedding : Oakland Wedding : Adrienne + Jonathan

I got to photograph yet another amazing couple in October ..  Adrienne and Jonathan! It was an epic day.. They got ready at the Waterfront Hotel. Adrienne’s mom painted her nails gold, the ladies got their hair did 1930’s style, and the bride put on a beautiful one of a kind peacock inspired dress by Wai Ching. In another room , Jonathan finished his suit with a pair of shoes that matched the dress.. they had a  metallic turquoise shine.  With everyone looking quite glamorous we headed over to their local bar, Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon for photos. I’ve never gotten a chance to explore the rustic ‘lil place. It looks like it’s straight out of an old western.. (which I’m kinda a sucker for..).  Folks cheered  as we walked through the square shooting’ away. After Jack London we headed to the SS Red Oak Victory in Point Richmond. It is an actual ship that was  used in the WWII .  The ceremony and reception were held on the top deck  as the sun set. And then it was time for the party. The guests were looked sharp in blend of 1920’s garb and Burning Man attire. The he night started with a favorite ditty of mine Heartbeats by the Knife. If you don’t know this song you should and I will put this right here for you.. (The Knife – Heartbeats). Enjoy!

Hotel: The Waterfront Hotel, Oakland
Venue: SS Red Oak Victory
Wedding Planner: April Taylor
Dress: Wai Ching (http://www.wai-ching.com)
DJs: JsinJ (https://m.soundcloud.com/jsinj) and Nurse Noise (https://m.soundcloud.com/nursenoise-1)
Hair & Makeup by Danielle Fisk (https://www.instagram.com/danikittyfisk/)