Day After Wedding Session at Ohmega Salvation : LoRee & Hannah

     LoRee and Hannah didn’t want to do the couple’s part of the photography on the day of their wedding. They already had a lot planned that they were personally doing.. beautifully choreographed dances and a bunch of wedding DIY love. So we came up with doing an after wedding session and it worked out great! To continue the nostalgic-vintage theme of their wedding .. they dressed as Charlie Chaplin and a 1920’s ingenue.  They chose Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley as their backdrop. With it’s crazy rich history of Bay Area characters it was a perfect complement. You can feel it’s history..  with every corner filled with visual candy from different eras. We had a blast exploring the vintage gems and shooting. I just adore sessions like this.. it combined documenting a celebration of love with creative editorial style..  personal and authentic.

Ohmega Salvage :

Hannah & LoRee’s Wedding Blog Post: