Sooo.. you’ve got questions for me…

Where are you based?

I’ve called the Bay Area home for the last 15 years, but I have East Coast roots. I take assignments nationally and world wide. My passport is current and I love using it! 


How much experience do you have?

I’ve been working as a professional photographer for over a decade. I started working for newspapers after I earned my degree in photography (and Spanish). I love all kinds of photography – from editorial spreads to fashion shoots to weddings. The common thread is my love for witnessing and telling people’s unique stories. 


What kind of equipment do you use?

It depends on the shoot. I generally use a Canon 5D mark 2 and 3, with a selection of Canon prime and zoom lenses. When more lighting or equipment is needed, I have that too! (And I always bring back up gear just in case).


Will you travel for our wedding? 

Yes! I’ll be there with bells on. 


How many photos do you take at a wedding?

Unlimited! I tend to go a little crazy – I love details. I love emotions. I love environmental portraits. I love capturing it all.

My main goal is to make sure your wedding is beautifully and fully documented.


How soon will we be able to see our photos?

You’ll be able to view your online gallery four weeks after your wedding. 


Can I print the photos myself? 

Yes! You can print your hearts out. All of my packages include high resolution digital images. Legally, the copyright stays with me as the photographer… meaning if you want to send some images to your favorite wedding blog, let’s talk! Of course I’d love that.  


Do you make albums?

Sure do! 


“So Becca, my future husband hates being photographed…”

No worries. First of all, he’s gonna be over the moon because he gets to marry his honey. Second…we’re gonna have so much fun.. he’s going to forget about it. And third… there’s always champagne…


I’ve heard of an unplugged wedding…what’s that?

An unplugged wedding is where the guests are asked to turn off all their electronic devices (cellphones, cameras, iPads), throughout the ceremony.


Imagine I’m photographing  “you may now kiss the bride”  when suddenly 20 iphones are blocking this gorgeous image ..big bummer. 

Also I get to take photos of your guests, and not your guests hidden behind their iphones. Believe me, both of these things happen…